A.M. Striker Adjustable Striker

Introducing a totally new type of striker for a friction call! The A. M. STRIKER has been in developmentĀ  for over two years. It is an adjustable striker that will enable the hunter to move the head of the striker and lock it in different positions. One can produce multiple sounds with the same striker and tune the striker to the call. In addition, one can carry more than one shaft and the possibilities become endless for making different sounds. If you have one of my strikers and one or more different shafts, you can leave the rest of your strikers at home.

A. M. STRIKER is the name I chose for my new striker. It stands for adjustable multi-purpose striker. I am not the first to design and adjustable striker but I feel my design is far superior. My design works in wood and plastic and will last for years without wearing out. Being able to change the length and use different shafts, gives the hunter and unlimited ability to make different sounds with one striker. A.M.STRIKER will enable the hunter to leave their striker bag at home and lighten their load. In the near future I will have a plastic model.

AM Striker

adjustable striker