Keith "Bobcat" Williams

I’ve been a lifelong outdoorsman and learned how to fish, hunt and trap at an early age. I probably had dreams of being Daniel Boone or somebody like that. As a kid, I wanted real knives and guns and never cared for toys. In my late 20’s I had the idea for a fur coat after fur prices had gotten so low. I made my fur out of bobcats and the name “Bobcat Williams” soon followed.

College wasn’t for me so I found myself becoming a carpenter. I picked up tile work along the way and gained some knowledge in that craft. My great aunt insisted that I take home some petrified wood one day. Natural curiosity took over and I wound up sawing it up and making things out of it.

In the spring of 2010, a friend came by and picked up a small piece of the petrified wood and suggested it might make a striking surface for a turkey call. He came by in 2011 and we talked about it again. In 2012 he came by again and this time I dropped everything I was doing and put together a crude little pot call.

Great things can start with a good idea or a single act or maybe even a trip to the patent attorney. One week after petrified found its way on a pot call we were at the patent attorney and this visit was the start of a six year journey for me.

I developed a method that enables me to make a pot call without a wood lathe. My method is done with a drill press and router techniques. I designed and built a profile sander and other jigs for the process. I patented the shape of my pot and have a patent pending on another process for my pot.

While doing a hunting expo in South Carolina, the idea for an adjustable striker hit me. I thought about it day and night until the design finally came to me. I wanted a design that would work in wood and plastic and any other material. I was awarded my patent in 2018. This product will most likely be my greatest contribution to the turkey hunting industry.

The idea for my fourth patent was a small call that would be user friendly for ladies and kids. This resulted in me developing my most popular call. The design works well no matter what the striking surface is. I had no idea how perfect my design was until much later. I now realize just how fortunate I was. I was granted a design patent in 2019.

My goal in life wasn’t be a turkey all maker. Things just happened and I picked up the ball and took off running. I struggled with a name for my business. One day while driving to Junction City, I thought about Aunt Maude. I put together the name A.M. Calls and saw the possibilities. Oddly enough, I’m not much of a turkey hunter and that doesn’t help much in the shop. I’m honored to have products for the hunting industry and it never would have happened if Aunt Maude hadn’t insisted on me taking home two pieces of petrified wood.

AM Striker