Frequently Asked Questions

What is on the surface of that call?
That’s petrified wood and there’s nothing like it.
What happens when the petrified wood gets wet?
It dries in about ten minutes
How do you take care of the p.w.?
You sand it with the grain with 100 grit paper.
How long will p.w. last?
It’s more than twice as hard as slate and doesn’t take nearly as much sanding.
What is that knob on the striker for?
It allows you to loosen and tighten to change the length of the striker.
Can the bird really hear a difference when you change the length?
Yes- He can hear 1/8th inch difference and we can sometimes hear 1/4th inch and almost always hear 1/2 inch.
Does a different wood in the shaft produce different sound?
Does this adjustable striker work on all calls?
Are you getting good sound with the plastic striker.
Yes- Plastic sounds almost just like a hard wood and lasts forever.
Why do they call you Bobcat?
I made my own fur coat in 1990 and my friend pointed and said “Bobcat Williams”.